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McKay's Ice Cream at Pizza Cottage Is Back!

You asked, and we delivered! Cochrane's famous McKay's Ice Cream is now back at Pizza Cottage - just in time for summer. 

We'll be rotating various flavours through out the season, so be sure to check out our site or in store for available flavours. Come in for a scoop or two with the whole family this summer, we can't wait to see you. 

That's not where the desserts stop! At Pizza Cottage in Airdrie, try our new desserts like the Deep Dutch Brownie or the German Chocolate Cake. 

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How To Host The Big Game with Pizza Cottage

Listen boys, football season is already upon us and the NHL season is just around the corner.  We all know what happened last season, getting the guys over at one place was an uphill battle. You had your last minute bail outs, and no one knew what to order so everyone just settled with chips and dips. 

That's not how you should enjoy the game. So become the All-Star this year, and host the best game nights in Airdrie by following these awesome tips from Pizza Cottage!

1. Know Your Positions

You gotta be the quarter back here and call the shots. Make sure every man knows what they need to bring to game night. Coordinate with the guys beforehand so there's no screw ups. There needs to be a designated snack guy. Snacks are super essential as it allows your guests to continuously munch away during those intense OT situations.

2. The X and O's

As the host of the party, and having home ice advantage, it's up to you to make sure that there's a logical seating set up in the viewing area. Clear entry and exit ways must be established so that Dave doesn't walk in front of everyones way as he heads to the bathroom for the fifth time. Account for all potential guests and have adequate amount of seating in the room. No one wants to be standing up the whole time. 

3. The Pizza Cottage Clutch

Here is where you can go from a rookie to a freakin' hall of famer! It's a simple, but effective play that can either make or break the night. We call it The Pizza Cottage Clutch. All you do is pick up that phone, dial (587) 254 - 0222 and order a couple of Meat Lover pizza with a side of hot wings for delivery!

Well, there you have it. You've just pulled off the most epic big game pizza party ever! We'll see you next game.